Certified Dead —The Singapore Premiere at Great World City

I was so amazed to learn that it was shot over the weekends for 7 months with slightly more than $40K from the public fund raising.

Someone asked if all the crew members were paid in full rates, what will be the actual cost then?

“$350K!” Claimed Marrie Lee, the director and screenwriter for this interesting film, CERTIFIED DEAD which has been just screened for its Singapore Premiere at the Great World City.

I wouldn’t think that it had been a phobia for the director to do the shoot over so many weekends, and merely weekends to keep the momentum going, for what Marrie had said, she is apparently not going to do it again for her next film production in such long period.

In anyhow, the story was very interesting. Congratulations.

《鑑定死亡》是本地資深影視工作者兼導演編劇的Marrie Lee的嘔心瀝血之作。




A Nice TVC Just launched

This Short film was produced and directed by the Son of our local veteran Creative Director Lim Sau-Hoong (林少芬).

Sau-Hoong did tremendous world class Advertising films in the past many decades, such as George Lam (林子祥)《你怕黑嗎?》
Guinness Stout:

The Series Branding Ads of China Bank:



… just to name a few. And it is really a few……

I text to congratulate my old friend Sau-Hoong of her son’s excellent production.

It was so well plotted, scripted and what pleased me most was, the almost perfect match of the casting.

Yes, very well casted, not only their character’s design, but also their dialogue projected on screen.

A little from all, together it's more. 一人一点心,社会更温馨

A retired English teacher runs into a mischievous group of boys in his neighbourhood. Shocked at how poor their English was, he takes it upon himself to teach them the language…一位退休英文老师梁老师,看到邻里一群到处捣蛋的男孩,萌生帮助他们学好英文的念头…#一人一点心 #社会更温馨 #Alittlefromall #Togetheritsmore

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